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Open Tenders


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  CORRIGENDUM : Supply of C5 Hydro Carbon Resin. 27.03.2019 Tender
  Tender Notice: Laying of Cat 6 core network cable between Old Time Office building and SAP building, connecting the network switches, effecting proper communication between the devices and for reinstating the intranet connection. 26.03.2019 Tender
  Corrigendum: Cable Tray replacement along with supports inside the TiO2 Plant at TTPL. 26.03.2019 Tender
  Tender Notice: Cutting of branches of trees hanging over office building 22.03.2019 Tender
  CORRIGENDUM : Supply of 66 KV SF6 circuit breaker. 19.03.2019 Tender
   Tender Notice:  Removal, Recharging of Catalyst from the four layers of Converter in SAP and Cleaning of  Tray, grid, sidewall etc. 26.03.2019 Tender
  Tender Notice: The removal of saddles from the three towers to a point 1 ft below where distribution pipes are seen, and cleaning and drying of Saddles. 26.03.2019 Tender
  Corrigendum: Engaging consultant for getting our ETP Products (Red Gypsum and White Gypsum) De- notified from Hazardous waste category of KSPCB 26.03.2019 Tender
   Tender Notice: Site clearance of obsolete and unusable materials frm TTPL 15.03.2019 Tender
  Tender Notice: Revamping of Pilfloc preparation tank. 15.03.2019 Tender
  Tender Notice: Supply & Installation of Turbo Ventilators. 22.03.2019 Tender
  Tender Notice: Consultant for getting our ETP products. 19.03.2019 Tender
  Tender Notice: Electrical wiring with materials/accessories at Locker and change room of TTPL 19.03.2019 Tender
  Tender Notice: Supply of 2000 MTs of Scrap Iron. 26.03.2019 Tender
  Tender Notice: Cable tray replacement along with supports inside the TiO2 Plant. 15.03.2019 Tender
  Tender Notice: Supply of Diesel Platform Trucks. 19.03.2019 Tender
  Tender Notice: Supply of C5 Hydrocarbon Resin for Road Marking Paint. 19.03.2019 Tender
  Tender Notice : Supply of 66 KV SF6 Circuit Breaker 15.03.2019 Tender
  Tender Notice : Manufacturing Concrete solid bricks of size 16x8x6 for TTPL 15.03.2019 Tender
  Tender Notice:Painting of Locker and Change Room. 08.03.2019 Tender
  Tender Notice:Heat Insulation Lagging of ducts,pipeline and vessels in Acid Plant,TiO2 Plant,ESP etc. 15.03.2019 Tender
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