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Technical Service

Our chemists, engineers and technicians are 100% committed to application technology of titanium dioxide. Our TiO2 specialists have worked with our customers in the plastics, coatings, paper , rubber, cosmetic and ink manufacturing industries. We continue to contribute to the industry directly by presenting at national events and by providing customer care and support.

We are also in constant contact with raw material suppliers to ensure we capitalize on new technologies and new trends. Superior quality raw material –ilmenite (FeTiO3) is the source for TiO2. Kerala beach sand deposits are the richest source of Ti (TiO2 60%). This adds extra quality to our product as the impurity levels are very less. Major impurity is iron and it is taken care of in the processing stage and we achieve iron content <80ppm much less than the ISI limit.

Our experts evaluate all of our products in our well equipped labs specifically for coatings, plastics, paper, rubber, cosmetic and ink applications. We measure all important TiO2 performance characteristics like optical properties, tinting strength, opacity and durability as well as mechanical performance of the application system.

Range of Technical Services:

  • Assistance in pigment selection
  • Consultation on safe usage of TiO2 pigments
  • On-site training
  • Testing on lab scale equipment


For Enquiries:

Dr. Johnson K.
Manager (R&D)
Mob: 9048505933