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Quality Policy

To achieve Customer satisfaction by effectively managing resources and delivering Titanium dioxide related products through continual improvement of the Quality Management System

Quality Objectives of TTP Ltd

  1. Customer satisfaction
  2. Effective Management of Resources
  3. Continual Improvement

Safety Policy

It is the policy of Travancore Titanium Products Limited to :

  1. Provide safe and Healthy Working environment to all employees and maintain high degree of safety standards in all the factory installations right from the design stage to the disposal stage.
  2. Create and maintain Safety conscious among the employees and neighboring citizens by way of safety education, training, safety awareness programmes and all other possible means.
  3. Take all possible steps to prevent any potential disaster likely to occur in the course of employment apart from being vigilant and prepared for emergencies and maintain a healthy environment.
  4. Ensure strict compliance of all rules and regulations with respect to safety, health and environment protection.

The company expects all employees to co-operate and ensure active involvement in all activities connected with the different accident prevention programmes and to co-operate with the neighboring society and extend all possible efforts to prevent and contain any disaster in case of occurrence in the factory, in spite of all safety precautions and measures. As a matter of safety policy, employees are also expected to shoulder personal as well as collective responsibilities in order to achieve our safety objectives towards an accident free work environment.

Purchase Policy

To achieve 100 % availability of major Raw materials for targeted production.