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About TTPL

Travancore Titanium Products Ltd. was incorporated on 18th of December 1946, to produce pigment grade Titanium dioxide from ilmenite which is abundantly available as placer deposits on beaches near Kollam, 65 Kms north of the capital city, Thiruvananthapuram in the coastal state of Kerala,India.The unit was promoted by the then princely state of Travancore in collaboration with the British Titan Products (BTP) Company Limited, U.K.(now known as Tioxide Group Limited).The administrative control of the company was with a managing agency, Indian Titan Products Company.

The Company which started production at a modest rate of 5 tonnes per day, increased its capacity in stages to the present level of 40-45 tonnes per day. Till recently, Travancore Titanium Products Ltd., was the only unit producing Anatase grade Titanium Dioxide pigment, in India.Travancore Titanium Products, became a State Public sector unit in 1960,with the Goverment of Kerala owning 97.55% of the shares.

Production of titanium dioxide commenced in the year 1951,and the capacity was raised to 10 tonnes per day in 1960, the year in which the management of the Company was taken over by the Govt. of Kerala. The Company also installed its own sulphuric acid plant to produce acid for captive consumption. In 1963 the capacity of Titanium Dioxide produced was further increased to 18 tonnes per day wuth a commensurate addition to the sulphuric acid production also.

Subsequently, a modern sulphuric acid plant was commissioned in 1996, which utilizes the tail gas recycling DCDA (Double Catalysis Double Absorption) technology. The alkali scrubbing system incorporated therein helps to keep sulphur dioxide emissions well within permissible limits and helps in maintaining a clean environment.